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MovieArt Arena carries a large selection of movie and music posters many are rare and great collectors items.

Original Movie Posters

Movie posters are considered original if they were printed by the studios authorized printer during the original run of the film. Most original movie posters from the late 90's on are usually double sided and 27x40 inches, but studios also release single sided originals. Titles in the early 90's and before were for the most part one-sided and 27x41 inches. Original movie posters are great collectors items because studios usually only print out 100,000 posters or less for a movie. Many of these posters go to theatres, bus stops, etc. and some to poster dealers for resale purposes. Many of the posters are destroyed and digarded this way, and as there are less on the market over time the titles increase in value. Movie posters have great artwork, are a great hobby and enjoy a rich tradition in the United States. Who can forget those classic monster movies from the 40's and 50's like Creature From the Black Lagoon and Attack of the 50 ft. Woman. Or classics from the 80's like Indiana Jones and Holloween. Even if you never saw the movies chances are you've seen the poster artwork somewhere. The artwork is timeless and valuable those posters I mentioned from the 40's and 50's are worth tens of thousands of dollars depending on the condition.

So if your just thinking about getting into poster collecting or have been collecting for years our posters are a great value and there are many to choose from. All of our titles are in Near Mint to Mint condition unless stated otherwise. This means no pin holes tears, edge wear or flaws of any kind.

Reprint Movie Posters

Most of the reprint posters come from European printers who have paid the studio or film releasing company a licensing fee for the rights to reprint the one-sheet. The quality of these authorized reprints is usually outstanding but the size is 27 x 39 instead of the 27 x 40 original poster.




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